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What has COVID-19 ‘Made’ You Do?

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What has COVID-19 ‘Made’ You Do?

I’ve heard people say they’ve gained weight ‘because’ of COVID-19—they have more time to sit around at home without a two hour per day commute.

I’ve heard people say they’ve lost weight ‘because’ of COVID-19—they have more time to exercise without a two hour per day commute.

I’ve heard people say they’re drinking more alcohol ‘because’ of COVID-19—they’re at home all day and don’t need to be anywhere, so why not?

I’ve heard people say they’ve started eating healthier ‘because’ of COVID-19—they’re at home all day and have more time to cook healthy meals with fresh foods.

None of this has anything at all to do with COVID-19 and everything to do with two completely different mindsets making very different choices.

I understand that we all deal with stress in different ways, and this is a very stressful time for some. I see you. I hear you.

The thing is though, the actions you’re using to deal with said stress are turning into habits. It takes 21 days to form a conscious habit, and 90 days for an action to become an unconscious habit.

We’ve been in quarantine for 49 days (some of you maybe not as long), which means that your actions have become conscious habits and are a little more than halfway to becoming unconscious habits. And, once they reach that point, they’re going to be much harder to break. Read more about why it’s so hard to create new habits here.

Your current actions are becoming unconscious habits people. Let me say it again for those of you who are currently distracted by Netflix; your current actions are becoming unconscious habits.

If you’re hitting the wine bottle at 9:00 am because ‘why not, I don’t have to go anywhere,’ you’re creating a habit around that action. And when this is all said and done, you’re going to have to undo that habit.

If you’re eating more food than normal because you’re home all day and currently don’t have the 1,000 distractions you used to have in your life, you’re creating a habit through your actions and will have to undo everything when we get back to our new normal.

Why not build healthy habits right now? Instead of fighting for your limitations, why not fight for your growth? Instead of having conversations around commiseration, complaining, and competing for whose ‘got it worse’, or who ‘fell the furthest off the deep end,’ why not be a leader and motivate others to use their time wisely?

You get to choose where your attention and energy goes. YOU MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES. Nothing and no one else has the power to ‘make’ choices for you.

You choose to eat more food than normal, and you choose to eat processed packaged food high in sugar with no nutritional value—it has nothing to do with COVID-19 and being home all the time right now. Why not instead, start incorporating fresh foods into your diet to create a healthy lifestyle that’ll last forever?

You’re the one who makes the choice to lay on the couch and watch Netflix or to go for a walk/run, get on your Peloton, or to break a sweat to P90X.

You make the choice to pour a glass of wine when you could instead pour a glass of water.

I’m not inviting you to change every single thing in your life, and I’m not inviting you to give up every single guilty pleasure, what I am inviting you to consider is in using discernment and to be aware of the choices you’re making right now that could potentially set yourself up for disaster in the long run. You need to rest. You have more time with family right now so take FULL advantage of that, of course. Eat dessert now and again. Have that glass of wine with dinner once in a while, and watch a few shows here and there.

And at the same time, build good habits that will serve you well in the long run.

YOU make your own choices. What are you going to choose?

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