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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

A captivating photograph is the final result of a thousand variables colliding while the photographer depresses the shutter button at just the right moment in time. As such, your brand is the result of a thousand variables coming together to create an unforgettable client experience—it’s the picture that’s worth a thousand words. Don’t let just anyone create your brand. Allow us to transform all of your behind the scenes work into a storytelling platform that truly connects with your audience.

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your true essence.

I know how intimidating it can be to have your photograph taken; which is why I create the most comfortable environment possible, allowing you to completely relax and be yourself so that I can capture YOU. The real YOU.
The deep down inside YOU.

let your light shine.​

Beauty is not in the face;
beauty is a light in the heart.

let your light shine.​


Professional hair and makeup create instant transformation. At first glance, you think this transformation is only seen from the outside. However, there is an even greater transformation happening on the inside.


In order to stand out in an online world, it’s crucial to have an updated image to represent your best self. These sessions are 15-30 minutes in length, and are done at my studio (either inside or outside), with up to three outfit changes, and various poses to choose from.

Your images are edited to professional standards and are delivered to you in high-resolution jpg files along with a release.

Professional hair and makeup is not required, but is highly recommended, and is available for an additional fee.

$197 :: Session + One Digital Image
$347 :: Session + Three Digital Images


Personal Branding goes further than the typical headshot. These are longer sessions that incorporate images for your website, webinars, books, social media, and more.

To ensure your images match your style and branding, I’ll take a look at your existing website, meet with your designer, or I’ll have you put together a Pinterest board that represents the colors and look you’re building upon.

There are four digital packages to choose from. All images are edited to professional standards and will be delivered to you in high-resolution jpg files along with a release. Click here for pricing details.

Compelling images are essential in telling your brand story. I’m devoted to ensuring you get high-quality photo, that capture your true essence to make a statement, empower, and inspire.



My goal is to capture your unique story while revealing your true personality. My superpower is in creating a fun and relaxed environment where you can let your guard down; and when you feel comfortable and empowered on the inside, your confidence, strength, and grace shine brightly in your photos.

Standing out amongst your competition starts with cohesive personal branding. It begins by showing the world what you stand for and who you are deep down inside. You know the adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” What better way to showcase your personality and brand than through photos?

let your light shine.



I work with coaches, consultants, creators, doctors, CEOs, executives, actors, artists, entrepreneurs; anyone who wants to build trust by helping their clients see the real and relatable person behind the brand. I’ll help you transform your mission, vision, and message into a digital storytelling platform to attract people you love working with, who love working with you.

My goal is to create cohesive branding across all platforms to make a statement, empower, and inspire through photography and website design. When you get real and honest about what you stand for, it’s exciting to share your message with the world through branding your business.

There’s no better time than right now to reset, revamp, and infuse more of YOU into your brand to build a solid online presence!



Everyone! It’s more important than ever to have an up to date professional headshot on all of your social media platforms. Your online presence often acts as your first impression, and it’s up to your headshot to make that first impression a positive one.

At least once per year.

You’re not alone. Most people feel awkward in front of the camera. You’re not sure what to do, how to act, or how to pose, right? I’ll guide you through posing so you look your best in your photos. We’ll enjoy engaging conversation like two friends sitting across the table from each other at a coffee shop. And as soon as I see that spark in your eyes, I snap the shutter.
Easy peasy.
It’s my job to create a fun and safe environment; it’s your job to trust the process and be completely yourself. We’ll work as a team while having lots of fun!

A headshot session will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the number of outfits you’d like to be photographed in, and the image package you select. We have two image packages available: session + 1 digital image = $149, and session + 3 digital images = $299.

I accept cash, credit/debit, check, or PayPal.

I highly recommend investing in having your hair and makeup styled professionally. You can book an appointment at your regular salon, or you can choose to work with my makeup artist/hairstylist who comes to my studio for an additional $200 over and above the session fee and digital image package.

Yes! After our session, I upload all of the photos to a password protected online gallery where you can take your time in selecting your favorite images.

Yes. I edit your images to professional quality, without overdoing it. I remove any blemishes, lighten eyes, remove lint from clothing, lighten wrinkles, and remove any significant out of place strands of hair.

Within 24 hours of your session, your images will be available to view in an online gallery where you get to choose your favorite(s). Once you’ve selected your favorite(s), I retouch/edit those selection(s), and your finished product is sent to you within 24 hours.

I recommend at least two outfits. If you are undecided about what to wear for your session, please bring all of your choices with you and we’ll discuss which outfits are the best fit for your branding.

Bring several outfits, makeup and hair products for touch-ups, and accessories. Prior to your session, we’ll talk over the phone about what type of look you’re after and how different styles of clothing will change people’s perception of you. For example, an executive will want to be perceived one way in comparison to a doTerra representative. The executive will most likely wear a suit, whereas the doTerra representative will most likely wear business casual to look put together, relaxed, and approachable.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for any questions you have that weren’t answered here. I can be reached at 262-623-4762 or hello@tinaerdmann.com.



Questions or comments? I’m here to help! Your questions and feedback are important to me and I’d love to hear from you.

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xo, Tina